You CAN find bargains on Gold Jewelry!

You CAN find bargains on Gold Jewelry!

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With the skyrocketing price of gold over the past few years, many people assumed they couldn’t afford gold jewelry. But that’s not necessarily the case — if you know where to shop. You may be pleasantly surprised to learn what your money can buy at MA pawn shops.

A Jewelry Store May Not Be Your Best Bet.  Jewelry stores have beautiful gold and diamond jewelry available for gift giving. But they come with a large markup. In fact, there are quite a few markups along the way. The gold refiner sells to the jewelry manufacturer. The jewelry manufacturer then has to mark up the price of their goods in order to make money over and above what they paid for the gold. The distributor or wholesaler then tacks on their margin. And finally, the retailer buys the item, marks it up for sale in order to make their profit. All this adds to your costs!

MA Pawn Shops Offer Lower Gold Prices.   When you buy gold from a pawn shop, you don’t pay for all of those markups. Pawnbrokers buy all of their gold and diamond jewelry based on the scrap value of the item, and that’s well below wholesale value on any diamonds.  This means that pawn shops get merchandise for considerably less than they would pay a manufacturer for the same items. The savings are substantial – and they’re passed directly on to the consumer. How much of a deal are you getting? It’s not unusual to find jewelry in your friendly neighborhood pawn shop for up to half the price the same gold jewelry might cost you at retail.

What Kind of Treasures Will You Find? New merchandise comes in all the time at Empire Loan. That’s what makes it so exciting. You never know exactly what you’ll find. It may be unique, one-of-a-kind heirloom jewelry that no longer fits the owner’s lifestyle.  It may simply be too big, too fancy just not their style, and they would prefer to have the cash. There are many reasons people decide they don’t want or need their jewelry any longer. But whatever the reason may be, it means bargains for you!

Get Shopping! This season, beautiful gold and diamond jewelry may be as close as your friendly, neighborhood pawnshop. At prices you really can afford.

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