What is a Freedom Loan?

What is a Freedom Loan?

Empire Loan recently launched a new campaign with a simple message: Freedom Loan. This can have many meanings for many people. Financial freedom to do the things you want to do and freedom from worries over bills that are coming due. It also means freedom from the hurdles that are put up by banks, financial institutions and even the friends and family you sometimes rely on to help you get through tough financial times. But it also has a real meaning in how you go about getting the cash you need, when you need it.

A Freedom Loan from Empire Loan also means freedom from paperwork and applications. No long forms to fill out with information about your high school transcript and your first job bagging groceries 20 years ago. Freedom from high fees being charged just to apply for the loan in the first place. With an Empire Freedom Loan, simply bring in a valid ID like a driver’s license and you’re on your way.

Empire loan offers Freedom from credit and background checks. It doesn’t matter if you have bad credit or no credit. A good paying job or no job at all. A Freedom Loan simply requires something of value to secure the loan: gold and diamond jewelry, electronics, musical instruments, tools, designer handbags, just about anything with a secondhand value can set you on the road to financial freedom.

An Empire Freedom Loan also means no spiraling debt or compounding interest. Instead of a loan that starts piling on the interest, taps into your bank account or starts searching through credit reports, a Freedom Loan from Empire is already paid for with the collateral you provided. This means you don’t keep falling further and further into debt, but that you can walk away without owing a penny. Your credit rating is unaffected, there is no reporting to credit agencies, no threatening phone calls from bill collectors and you can still come back and do more loans if you ever need to. That’s Freedom!

If you think an Empire Freedom Loan might be for you, call us today and we will try to set you free!

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