What can I bring to Empire for a Fast Cash Pawn Loan in Massachusetts?

What can I bring to Empire for a Fast Cash Pawn Loan in Massachusetts?


Empire Loan gets asked all the time: What can I pawn to get a fast cash pawn loan in Massachusetts? While most customers are bringing in gold and diamond jewelry as a way to get a fast cash loan, Empire also takes in a wide variety of other items. With 8 locations in New England, from Boston south to Providence, up north to the New Hampshire border in Lowell and out west to Worcester, plus other locations in between, Empire get a ton of calls.

When gold prices skyrocketed, people sold their old jewelry for cash. Now when they need a cash loan a pawn shop can get them the cash they need without having sell the item. Because they may have already sold their gold, they now need to find something else to provide as collateral for a loan. Pawn shops like Empire Loan will lend cash on just about anything with a resale value. Electronics like laptops and flat screen TV’s are just a few examples of items pawn shops take in. digital cameras, musical instruments and even smartphones can be pawned for quick cash, but what else can be provided for collateral? Here are some of the more unique items Empire Loan has taken in over just the past few months:

One customer brought in a Lego Star Wars set that was still in the box and featured a huge Star Wars Destroyer they were able to get a loan on. Another customer brought in a set of 4 high end steak knives they were able to get a loan on. These were valued at $300. One Empire Loan location even did a loan on a set of off-road tires and wheels for a truck that they were able to get a cash loan for. These items along with artwork, antiques and even a computer network server are all items Empire Loan has taken in for a loan recently. Empire Loan staffers speak to customers about their items and try to find a way to offer them a loan based on the used retail value of the item.

What can you pawn for a fast cash loan? At Empire Loan, just about anything!

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