What Are The Most Common Items Seen In a Pawn Shop?

What Are The Most Common Items Seen In a Pawn Shop?

Sometimes, when faced with financial difficulty, you might wonder where or how to get quick cash that you can use for a few days. A smart way to get quick cash is through pawning. Pawning is the act of using your items as collateral to get some money in the meantime. Furthermore, in pawning, you can recover the items when you pay later on.

Most people believe that the only items you can pawn are your jewelry like necklaces, wristwatches, earrings, etc. However, you can pawn other things you own apart from jewelry. Below is the list of other common items that you can pawn in a pawnshop;

6 Common Items Seen In a Pawn Shop


Right from time, jewelry has been the most pawned item in the world. Although jewelry is a fashion item, it is also a form of investment. Some people buy jewelry like gold chains because they can easily pawn them or even resell them to get quick cash.

Musical Instrument

Drums, guitars, amplifiers, saxophones, and other various instruments are also common items you can find in a pawn shop. When people outgrow their musical instruments or are facing financial difficulties, they pawn their musical instruments in exchange for money.

Electronic Devices

Devices ranging from phones, sound systems, and more are common items seen in a pawn shop. When consumers upgrade from an old device to a new device, the old product normally ends up in the trash, so why not bring it to a pawn shop for quick cash?!  Empire Loan currently buys cell phones and selectc DJ and sound recording equipment, and selected photography equipment.


Antiques are always valuable, especially as time goes on. If you have a growing collection of old trinkets, you can easily bring them to a local pawn shop to get them appraised. Some types of antiques seen in a pawn shop include antique silverware, coin collections, collectables such as Sports Memorabilia, Dolls, Sneakers and more.  

Sporting goods

Depending on which part of the country you live in Sporting goods, sports equipment, paintball guns, and even bicycles can be great items you can pawn for a quick buck. Pawn your sporting equipment if you have some of them that you rarely use. 

*Empire Loan does not accept Hunting Equipment or Guns*  


Hand tools, electric power tools, and other types of tools are valuable for pawning. So, if you plan to go to a pawn shop, you might find a variety of items such as drills, air compressors, powers saws, nail guns, etc. Whether you are looking for powered or electric tools, it is wise to contact a local pawn shop prior to bringing equipment in as some items may not be accepted.


Pawning items is normal, especially when faced with financial difficulty. You can pawn your items to get cash for immediate use. However, contrary to popular belief, jewelry is not the only item you can pawn. Common items that can be pawned are electronic devices, sporting tools, musical instruments, antiques, and many more are not mentioned in this article. The more your items are worth, the more money you get. But note: To recover your items, you need to pay back the money borrowed. If the money remains unpaid, you can lose ownership of your items. It is also important to call your local pawn shop ahead of time to see if they accept the items that you are trying to pawn!

For more information on items accepted all our main line at 1-800-375-PAWN or contact your local Empire Loan store, or visit our list of commonly accepted items as we’d be happy to help! 

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