The value of your jewelry keeps growing. Part of this is due to the rising price of gold, silver and diamonds. It’s also likely that the size of your collection has grown over the years. People tend to continue buying and receiving jewelry as gifts. That raises the question: How do I keep my jewelry safe? Here are some ideas.

Safes: One suggestion is to get a safe for your home. Lock boxes and small safes are available from around $20.00 to thousands of dollars for a specialty safe or vault. The simple home variety can keep your merchandise safe from fire and flood, as well as secure from thieves. Many have keys or combinations that help to keep people out of your private belongings. The downside is that thieves can simply carry it away and worry about opening it later.  Safe’s are easy for thieves to spot  when they have access to your home or office.

Safe Deposit Boxes:  “Safe Deposit Boxes” offered by banks used to be the most common way to safeguard valuables. These are basically lock boxes that ware rented out to customers on a monthly basis and used by customers to store their valuables in the bank’s vault or safe. Some banks still offer these and they are obviously safe. The downside is that they can be very expensive to rent and there are a limited number available.  Another drawback is only being able to access your property when the bank is open.  Wearing those diamond earrings or bracelet when you want, without having to run down to the bank, is certainly more appealing.

Pawn your valuables: That’s right, you can pawn your valuables to ensure that they are safe and sound.

MA pawn shops like Empire Loan have security systems including cameras, safes and alarms to ensure the safety and security of your merchandise. A customer recently came in to Empire Loan with enough jewelry to get a loan of over $1,500.00 but only wanted a $100.00 loan. Why? She had a two-month vacation planned and was worried about her jewelry while she was away. With a $100.00 pawn loan in our Massachusetts based locations, the interest and fees would cost her only $14.00 – a small investment for huge peace of mind.

Can Safe: Empire Loan and other MA pawn shops sell what is known as a Can Safe or Diversion Safe. These are containers that look just like everyday products such as hairspray, dog food, decorative candles, books and such. These items actually contain secret hiding places where you can stash your valuables and then hide them in plain sight. Thieves aren’t likely to look through your pantry shelves or cleaning products for valuables. These safes are made to blend in perfectly with ordinary everyday items.  Starting at around $20.00, Diversion Safes are a great way to store your valuable jewelry without turning your home into FortKnox.

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*Photo by Casoro Jewelry Safes