Three Great Father’s Day Gifts from MA & RI Pawn Shops

Three Great Father’s Day Gifts from MA & RI Pawn Shops

This weekend is Father’s day and you’re running out of time, and you don’t want to spend a ton of money to get dad a gift. What should you do? Stop into MA & RI Pawn Shops like Empire Loan and get him something he will enjoy.

Here are 3 things gift ideas for dad that you may find:

  • Dad always wanted to be a rock star and what better way to get him started than to check out the great selection of guitars they have out for sale. Acoustic guitars are the classic go-to guitar that anybody will enjoy playing on. No amps or electricity are necessary (though there is such a thing as an “Acoustic Electric”) to sit around the house and play with, take it on the road, or even just to the back deck to serenade the neighbors. If dad is a real Rock God, get him a funky electric so he can display his Jimi Hendrix like talent. Either way, stores like Empire Loan have a huge selection of guitars starting at under $50!
  • Tools! Tools! Tools! Dad’s just love getting tools. These are toys for grownups, and you won’t find a better price than at a pawn shop. Circular saws, drills, wrench sets, pneumatic nail guns, just about any too you can imagine could await you inside a pawn shop. Recently Empire Loan had Satellite locators for dad to install his own satellite TV. Whatever tool you’re looking for, you can find it at a pawn shop!
  • Gold Jewelry: When you gave dad the macaroni necklace to wear to work when you were a kid, he wore it with pride. Now that you’re older, it’s time to pay dad back with a gold chain or ring. A chain with a pendant chosen by you is something he will treasure forever. The prices for gold & diamond jewelry at Pawn Shops like Empire Loan are a fraction of what you’d pay at a jewelry store for the same quality, and the items themselves are truly unique.

Father’s day is this Sunday! Take a quick trip to one of Empire Loan’s 8 locations in Boston, Providence, New Bedford, Worcester, Stoughton, Lowell and Lynn will save the day. Do it for dad!

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