The Perfect Gift Every Time!

The Perfect Gift Every Time!


What gift do you give that works every time? Clothes (wrong size, color, style), Books (Already read it, I hate mysteries, who has time to read a book), and Gift certificates (so impersonal, I never shop there) don’t always work. Jewelry with the recipient’s birthstone can be the perfect gift.

Most people know their own birthstone or that of the special people in their lives. This means your gift is always a perfect match. I know my wife’s birthday is June, so her birthstone is the Pearl. That helps me narrow down all the jewelry choices out there. It’s also a good bet that because the pearl is her birthstone, if I get her pearl earrings, pendants or bracelets, she’ll have other pieces to match and complement them.

Customers walk into our stores and don’t know where to begin: Does she wear rings? Hoops or studs? Does she like wearing long necklaces or shorter ones? Without knowing the answer to these questions, customers can narrow it down by just looking for the perfect March birthday gift (that would be aquamarine). Even if they are lucky enough to have an April birthday (that would be a diamond) you can find lots of inexpensive choices at your local Boston Jeweler!

The perfect gift has a special meaning and jewelry that features birthstones could be just the ticket!

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