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Customer Testimonials:

“Empire Loan is a great place. When I needed money for gas or bills, they never made me feel like I was being judged. They were always friendly and helpful. I would recommend this place to anyone. They really go above and beyond to help you.”

“I recently inherited a large amount of cuff links from Italy. I had no idea what to do with them. I found Empire Loan, and brought them to Brian. He gave them a good look, and he advised me to find an antique dealer. I told him someone offered me $100.00 for all the them. He discouraged me from that, he’s wise and honest enough to know they needed a second look and saved me from being taken for the $100.00 It’s difficult to find honesty anywhere, let alone a loan shop. I did find the right connection for such a specific item. I just sold my first pair for $210.00. Thanks Brian and all staff from Empire. I told I would be back when I sold another pair to get a high quality necklace. I know I can trust them.” -Robin T.

“Empire loan is a great group of kind patient people that works for me the Customer.
My favorite pawn shop I have EVER done busniess with”

“Love this place they take care of their customers really good i recommend this place to everybody
Empire Loan has a very friendly, courteous and knowledgeable staff. They are personable and professional. If you need a loan on an item, or are looking for electronics, jewelry, golf clubs or anything else…it is worth shopping and taking a look at Empire’s inventory first. I highly recommend Empire Loan to anyone.”

“I recently went to Empire Loan to get money to pay a bill. I dealt with Julio, the assistant manager and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. He was great, was direct and to the point, was extremely fair, was professional, and easy to talk to. I would recommend him over any other pawn or loan place.”

“Today was my second time @ Empire Loan I cannot tell you guys The Manager Brian always extremely polite and his associate was also very helpful. Very good prices for tools and jewelry. Very clean store thank you again for your great servic.” AA

“Empire Loan helped me when I needed to pay my bills and their great staff made my experiences with them enjoyable. Their prices are fair and you always leave smiling!”

“As a 1st time customer to Empire Loans, I was truly impressed. I accidentally screwed up my checkbook around Christmas time. To correct my error before I started getting hit with bank fees, I decided to temporarily take out a loan on my laptop. When I called around for estimates, I was stunned and insulted when other Pawn shops in the city told me about what they’d possibly offer me. When I call Empire Loan, not only was the girl on the phone VERY pleasant and courteous, she took her time to give me a ball-park figure(which was almost 3 times higher than those other places).When I got to the store, I was greeted by that same girl I spoke with earlier. They were able to give just under what I needed, which was more than they were suppose to offer as a loan. They only did it cause of the jam I made for myself. So like I said before, as this being my 1st time dealing with them, if I was ever to need their help again in the future I won’t be calling around. I will be dealing strictly with them. Would I send someone I know to Empire Loan?? You bet I would!!”

“I had a bunch of old jewelry just sitting in my dresser and I got cash on the spot. The woman explained how they determine a price before she tested and weighed it right in front of me and the next thing you know she was counting out over $700 in cash!” -Maria

“I’ve been going to Empire Loan for most of my life! They are nice, honest people who I can count on when I’m a little short on cash.”- Paul

“Very impressed with you guys. I’m always offered a significant amount more here than any other places. Appreciate the honesty.”-Matthew

“I needed cash to pay my rent and figured I’d have to sell my stuff. I called and they explained what the difference was for selling my stuff or getting a loan. I sold some old rings, loose earrings and other junk and was able to get a loan on a bracelet my mother had given me. So I got the rent money I needed and didn’t have to sell what I wanted to keep. I love Empire.” -Ann

“I’ve been buying my wife jewelry here forever! The same things they sell at the mall are less than half as much at Empire.” – Bill

“Very pleased with the service and the amount I received.” – Charles

Media Testimonials:

“Hocking goes high class! Empire Loan is giving the banks a run for their money!”
– The Boston Globe

“Empire Loan adds a new flavor to pawnbroking and everyone’s eating it up!”
– New England Business

“Pawnshops- for loans and bargains! Empire loan puts a bank and discount shopping under one roof!”
– Good Housekeeping

“Empire Loan is selling a new image for pawnshops! Upscale respectability is in! Down and out stereotyping is out!” – The Boston Herald

“Empire Loan is a terrific source for people looking to buy high end estate and diamond jewelry at a 60 percent discount over retail.” – The Canton Citzen

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