Pawn Shops in Massachusetts Raise the Question: “Should I Sell my Gold or Use it to Get a Loan?”

Pawn Shops in Massachusetts Raise the Question: “Should I Sell my Gold or Use it to Get a Loan?”

When you need money for an emergency, an unexpected expense or just to make ends meet, you need to decide if you should sell your  items, or use your merchandise as collateral to get a loan. Most people think they have to sell something to get cash, but pawn shops in Massachusetts can give you a pawn loan for the cash you need and  let you retain ownership of your merchandise.

If you sell your merchandise, you’ll probably get a little more money than you would from a loan, but you won’t have a chance to get your items back. The difference can be anywhere from 10 – 20% more for selling items, but the important consideration is this, “do you want your things back or not?”  If it’s a single earring, a gift from an old flame, or just something you never wear, then by all means, sell it and maximize what you can get for it. Even broken and damaged jewelry can get you cash for a sale.

On the other hand, if it’s an item you want to keep that has special sentimental value, take a loan against its value instead. If you take a loan based on the value of your merchandise, you’ll get a little less than you would for selling it, but you will retain ownership and get it back by simply paying off the loan within the specified time period. Even broken and damaged gold and diamond jewelry can be pledged for a pawn loan. Pawn shops in Massachusetts will give loans on a wide variety of merchandise — ranging from gold and diamond jewelry to electronics such as flat screen TV’s, digital cameras and laptop computers, as well as musical instruments and collectibles, among other things.

Reputable pawn shops in Massachusetts will give you the cash you need and keep your valuables stored in a safe and secure location until you are ready to get them back. Should you sell your valuables or use them to get a loan? It depends upon your needs. There are advantages to either approach.  The decision is yours.

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