Need a Loan? How Much Do You Want!?

Need a Loan? How Much Do You Want!?

  Mass pawn shops

The first question customers ask when they want to borrow money from Mass pawn shops is “how much can I borrow?” At Empire Loan, with 8 locations throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island, we always ask, “ How much do you want!?” It’s that easy at Empire Loan!

Collateral is the Key                                                                    

The size of your loan is based on what collateral you have to secure the loan. That’s true at all Mass pawn shops. The more valuable your merchandise, the more money you can borrow. At Empire Loan, there really is no limit to how much we lend. Our loans typically range from as little as $26.00 to $26,000. But we can loan even more.

S-M-L-XL.  Loans of All Sizes!                                                                    

Since Empire Loan opened in 1985, we’ve literally done thousands of loans to customers who need cash fast. While most of our loans are for a few hundred dollars, we have also served the needs of customers who needed a lot more than that. One customer needed to make a college tuition payment of close to $30,000 before a certain date. We were able to loan the needed funds on the spot.  In another instance, a contractor needed close to $40,000 to cover payroll for one project while he waited for a check to clear for another project he had just completed. In each case, the customer was able to provide something of great enough value as collateral that we were able to lend them the money they needed on the spot.

The Value of Your Items

The collateral we’ve accepted for these larger loans includes rings with 5 and 6 Carat diamonds, Gold Rolex watches and even a collection of gold and silver coins. Having the GIA certification on any diamonds or the original box and paperwork on a Rolex watch can help us appraise, evaluate and determine the amount we can lend.

Keep in mind that Mass pawn shops do not lend money based on what you originally paid for an item.  A loan amount is strictly based on the scrap value of the metal, the wholesale value of the diamonds or the used retail value of the merchandise.  At Empire Loan, almost 90% of our customers come back to redeem their merchandise, but if we are left with the item,  we need to be able to recoup our investment.

No matter what size loan you need, with the right collateral Empire Loan can give you the cash you need, on the spot. Come see us in any of our 8 convenient locations and we’ll get the loan process started with one easy question…“How much do you want”?Get Cash for Valuables


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