Most Pawn Shops in Boston Charge Seniors. At Empire Loan, Seniors Pay No Fees!

Most Pawn Shops in Boston Charge Seniors. At Empire Loan, Seniors Pay No Fees!

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Empire Loan just may be the only pawn shop in New England, if not the country, that does not

charge senior citizens any fees whatsoever! That’s right, the one chain of pawn shops in Boston

and throughout New England that believes in polite and professional service, the one that

believes in complete transparency and will explain every step of the process from appraisal to

terms and policies does not charge those over 65 any additional fees. No appraisal fees. No lost

ticket fees. No photo fees, closing fees, storage fees, nothing. Just pay the interest and you’re

all set.


Founded in 1985, Empire Loan provides collateral-based loans at 8 locations in Boston,

Providence (No. Main St. and Broad St.), New Bedford, Worcester, Stoughton, Lowell and Lynn.

Early on, we decided that senior citizens deserve special treatment. We decided that it would

be Empire Loan’s policy to not charge seniors any of the fees that regular customers pay, and

certainly not the fees often charged by other pawn shops.


To ensure that this policy would be implemented consistently at all of our locations, Empire

Loan set up a system where the computer system automatically identifies those customers who

qualify and provides the fee waiver benefit based on the customers date of birth. We’ve made

it easy for seniors. It’s automatic. There’s nothing to sign up for, and no need to even ask for

the discount. As Empire Loan owner Michael Goldstein likes to say; “It’s That Easy!”


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