Massachusetts Pawn Shops Offer Shoppers a Treasure Trove of Great Deals!

Massachusetts Pawn Shops Offer Shoppers a Treasure Trove of Great Deals!

Attention bargain hunters: Massachusetts pawn shops are filled with affordable finds! Jewelry, electronics, musical instruments, collectibles and other merchandise can be found for deep discounts!

Why are prices so low? Pawn shops buy merchandise,  or lend money  based on a percentage of its used retail value. By paying less for goods than retailers do from manufacturers, pawn shops are able to pass considerable savings along to consumers. While retailers mark up their merchandise by as much as 100 to 200% or more, pawn shops  have merchandise well below retail prices.  Flat screen TV’s, digital cameras and other electronics are checked when they come in to insure they work properly. Reputable Massachusetts pawn shops will also give you a warrantee on merchandise they sell. The warrantee generally offers anywhere from 14 to 30 days to return an item if there are any problems.

With gold, diamond and silver jewelry, pawn shops typically lend and purchase merchandise based on the scrap value of the items. They are then highly selective about which items are kept for retail sale vs. pieces that are considered scrap.  A gold ring, for instance,  can be melted down at a profit by the pawn shop or it can be put out for retail sale for a profit. Either way, pawn shops get their merchandise for a fraction of what a jewelry store or department store might pay. That’s great news for bargain hunters looking for quality merchandise at deep discounts.  And because most Massachusetts pawn shops allow no-hassle refunds and returns,  consumers can enjoy pawn-shopping with confidence.

For special one-of-a kind pieces you won’t find at a typical retail store and an exciting selection of quality items at below retail prices, look no further than your friendly local pawn shop.

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