Introducing CashCam : A Free App From Empire Loan That Lets You Find Out The Value Of An Item

Introducing CashCam : A Free App From Empire Loan That Lets You Find Out The Value Of An Item

CashCam AppThere’s an app for that!

For all those people who have wondered whether the painting they found in the attic is a masterpiece, or if the guitar that was buried in the back of the closet is worth anything, CashCam is the app that can help answer the question. Empire Loan, a New England chain of pawn shops around since 1985, has developed an app that will allow you to take a picture of an item and send it off to get a quick assessment of whatever it is you might come across from their staff of experts.

CashCam was the brainchild of Empire Loan Founder and CEO Michael Goldstein. “People come into our stores or call us up all the time wondering if what they have is treasure or trash. With people cleaning out attics and basements, going to flea markets and yard sales, everybody is trying to find the next great discovery.” Goldstein went on to say “with TV Shows like Antiques Roadshow, Pawn Stars and American Pickers, people have gotten curious about what things are worth. CashCam is designed to help them figure out what they may have”.

CashCam is a free app available in the ITunes App Store and Google Play Store and lets the user take a picture of an item or upload one from their smart phone’s gallery and send it off to the staff at Empire Loan to be reviewed for potential value as a resale or pawn item. Empire Loan can buy a customer’s item outright or give them a cash loan based on a percentage of its value. Either way, users can get an idea of the value of what it is they’ve come across.

“At Empire Loan, we have a staff of seasoned professionals with a diverse background in a wide range of fields, giving the CashCam user an expert analysis on the spot” said Goldstein. “ We have certified gemologists, antiques appraisers, musical instrument experts and many others on hand to take a look at the picture, ask a few questions and be able to let you know if what you have is a real find. We wanted to make it easy for customers to get an answer from an expert.”

Treasure or trash. Cash or clunker. Empire Loan’s Cash Cam app can answer the question for you.