I have Silverware Passed Down to Me, What’s it Worth?

I have Silverware Passed Down to Me, What’s it Worth?

For decades, and maybe centuries, silver flatware sets, tea service sets, trays, and other sterling silver gifts were considered the ultimate wedding and anniversary gifts. These items were often handed down and considered treasures. Nowadays, these items are not so treasured or desired. Silver flatware needs to be polished (even when it is simply silver plated) or it looks dirty when it tarnishes and putting it in the dishwasher can end up tarnishing it even more. Who has time to polish sterling silver every time you want to use it? As time goes by, more and more of these items are handed down through the generations with one “lucky couple” having 3 or 4 complete sets of silverware to host 3 or 4 large dinners at once!

A Push For More Modern Silverware

People are entertaining in a more casual style and looking for convenience when hosting these gatherings. Stainless steel can look clean and shiny and require nothing more than a nice wash to look good at a fraction of the cost.

Get your Antique Silverware Appraised for Cash

What do you do with all these silver flatware, trays, and accessories? Sell it! The price of silver has skyrocketed, and Empire Loan can turn your unwanted hand-me-downs into cash. Simply bring it into any of our 8 stores and you could walk out with hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, in cash. One customer recently came in with a case that he found cleaning out an attic and walked out with over $700 in cash! One customer had service for 12 with brand new and unused in the original packaging from a well-known manufacturer that had no interested buyers on secondhand websites like eBay. Instead, Empire paid cash on the spot.

Visit a Local Pawn Shop In Massachusetts & Rhode Island

Since 1985, Empire Loan has been buying unwanted sterling silver flatware and holloware for cash based on the current market price of silver. All 8 Empire stores have experts who can test and weigh your knives, forks, spoons along with candlestick holders, teapots, and other items and hand you cash on the spot regardless of condition. If you’re not sure what it may be worth, Empire Loan can tell you in minutes what you have and what it’s worth.

Don’t wait! Go into one of Empire Loan’s 8 convenient locations and get cash for your unwanted sterling silver flatware, holloware and accessories now!