How To Find The Best Deals On Power Tools

How To Find The Best Deals On Power Tools

Purchasing power tools on a budget can be tricky, because while you want to find the best deal possible, you don’t want to sacrifice quality. In this article, we’ll go over a few tips on how you can find brand name tools at a fraction of the retail cost! Looking to purchase power tools in Massachusetts or Rhode Island? Come see us at any of our eight Empire Loan locations or shop our eBay online store for awesome deals!

Buy Pre-Owned Power Tools

One of the best ways to get a quality, brand name tool for less is to buy it pre-owned. Good quality power tools have long shelf lives and can be used for many years without problems, making them one of the best kinds of items to buy used. Stores and pawn shops like Empire Loan are often flooded with inventory of pre-owned tools that are then sold for a fraction of the price! Here at Empire Loan, you can rest easy knowing that we only buy and sell working power tools in good condition from industry leading brands like Milwaukee, DeWalt, Porter-Cable, Bosch, and more!

Shop in the Off Season & Look for Sales

Power tools like drills, impact wrenches, table saws, compound miter saws, routers, jigsaws, and more often go on sale during the offseason and on holidays. Keep your eye out for deals on these tools throughout the winter and around holidays like Father’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Labor Day.

Look at Your Local Pawn Shop

One of the very best ways to find great deals on high quality power tools is to look for them at your local pawn shop. While we can’t speak for every pawn shop, we know that at Empire Loan, we almost always have a wide range of power and hand tools in stock from many different manufacturers, including Snap-On, MAC tools, Klein, Milwaukee, DeWalt, Porter-Cable, Bosch, and much more. Come see us at any one of eight locations throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island for awesome deals on tools all year round! 

Contact Empire Loan!

If you have any questions about buying or selling power tools at Empire Loan, please don’t hesitate to contact us by filling out the contact form on our website or by giving us a call toll-free at 1-800-375-PAWN!