How Hard Is It To Get Cash For Gold in MA?

How Hard Is It To Get Cash For Gold in MA?

How Hard is it to get Cash for Gold in MA?

cash for gold maCustomers call and come into Empire Loan’s 8 locations in Massachusetts and Rhode Island and want to know how difficult it is to get cash for gold. The answer is, it’s not! You only need two things: a valid ID and something of value. That’s it. No forms to fill out. No waiting for approvals. You don’t even have to deal with cashing a check.  If you have a valid ID and something of value, you could be walking out with cash in as little as 5 minutes.


Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Walk into any Empire Loan location. (Getting cash for gold in MA is just as easy as it is in RI.)

Step 2: Show the pawn broker your merchandise and ID.

Step 3: Find out how much your merchandise is worth and agree on how much you want and what we can offer you.

Step 4: Sign the loan agreement with a description of the items and have your picture taken.

Step 5: Get your cash and go on your merry way.

That’s it! Empire Loan will lend you money based on the value of your merchandise, from gold and diamond jewelry, electronics (laptops, tablets, flat screen TV’s, smart phones, digital cameras, etc.), musical instruments, tools, anything with a solid resale value and market. Your Empire Loan pawn broker will be able to tell you how much they can offer you, even explaining how they came up with that amount. Their job is to make sure you understand how they arrived at that figure.

Before you agree to anything or sign any agreements they are always happy to explain everything to you in easy to understand terms.

How difficult is it to get the cash you need at Empire Loan? It’s not! Just like we say in our ads: It’s That Easy!

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