Get a Clue as to what Gold Jewelry to Buy

Get a Clue as to what Gold Jewelry to Buy

Customers walk into Empire Loan stores every day to buy a special gift for someone; friend, family, future or present spouse and always shrug their shoulders about what to buy. If you’re not planning to ask them to marry you or know what size they take, avoid a ring. Do they like large hoop earrings or tiny studs? Do they wear bracelets or not? Do they have allergies to certain metals (truth be told, I was married for 23 years before I found out my wife couldn’t wear white gold earrings. By pure coincidence I had always bought her yellow gold). These are just a few of the things you should get a clue about before shopping.

After establishing some of these points, here are 3 things that may provide a clue as to what you can get somebody.

  • Hey Baby, what’s your sign?
    • More than just a pick up line from the 70’s, buying something that references a person’s astrological sign may give you some ideas about what to look for. You can certainly buy something that boldly says “AQUARIUS” in big letters or has a picture of a man carrying a bucket or pitcher of water, but maybe instead get a pendant of a pitcher of water to represent it. This is a much more subtle way of indicating you gave some thought to the gift and remembered when their birthday was. It also allows them to explain the significance to those that take the time to ask where they received that lovely gift.
  • Birthstones
    • January babies are garnets. February is amethyst while March is aquamarine. Customers may not be sure what sign their gift recipient is or what their exact birthday is, but they can usually narrow it down to what month they were born in. Each month has its own unique birthstone that can help narrow the choice of gifts. Looking for something with an emerald in it for somebody whose birthday falls in the month of May can make it simpler to select the perfect gift. Again, showing that you thought enough to get them a gift that represents their birth month makes your present even more special.
  • Earrings
    • Rings, chains and bracelets are 3 jewelry items that have a “size”. This means when you buy somebody a ring it may not fit properly. A chain or necklace could be too long or short and a bracelet could be too large or too tight. Earrings on the other hand are a one size fits all gift that work for just about anybody. Hoops for somebody who usually wears studs can be looked at as the gift for when they dress up, dangling earrings could be for special occasions while studs can be worn every day. When I have a customer stuck on what to get, I show them earrings.


What works best for the special person you’re shopping for? Follow these three rules and you’ll be able to make the right choice.

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