Empire Loan Gives Employees Paid Time Off for Election Day

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Empire Loan Gives Employees Paid Time Off for Election Day

With the 2020 presidential election day less than one month away, Empire Loan is closing all 8 locations, giving its 47 employees November 3rd off to make it easier for them to go out and vote. Employees will receive pay for the day off. Empire is part of a growing trend
among companies to give workers time off to vote.

Michael Goldstein, owner and CEO, said “This election is so important that for the first time we are giving our staff a paid day off as a way to encourage them to go to the polls and cast their ballots. This is also an opportunity for staff to work the polls if they would like to. It’s a way to strengthen our democracy during this fraught time in our history.”

Election time-off laws vary widely by state. For example, in Massachusetts, if you work for a manufacturing, mechanical, or mercantile establishment, then you don’t have to work during the first two hours after the polls open, provided you apply for a leave of absence during this period. Rhode Island does not have a specific law that requires employers to give you time off.

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