How Pawn Shops Avoid Stolen Items

The idea that stolen items end up in pawn shops simply isn’t true anymore. Extensive reporting requirements for every item that comes in is a huge deterrent for thieves. At Empire Loan, everything we receive is meticulously described, photographed and transmitted to a police database. Learn more.

Empire Loan Reunites Family with Lost Camera

Empire Loan was happy to reunite a family on vacation from Spain with the camera they had carried all over the US on vacation and lost in Boston! Watch the report on Channel 5, WCVB News!

Pawn Shop In Massachusetts

What Are the Three C’s of a Diamond?

Empire Loan’s President and Founder Michael Goldstein, explains diamonds; what to look for when going to your local MA pawn shop, and what it’s worth.

How Does a Pawn Loan Work?

Ever wonder how a pawn loan in Massachusetts works? If you need $26 or $26,000, a pawn loan from Empire Loan may be the answer. Watch Mike, the owner, explain how a pawn loan works. It’s that easy!

Empire Loan Answers Your Questions on Gold

Pawn Boss: Do You Know Your Silver?

All that glitters…doesn’t have the same value as gold!

As beautiful as sterling is, it’s worth just a fraction of what gold is worth.

And coin silver, which is only 80% pure silver, is worth even less.

Check the markings. Real sterling usually bears the word “sterling” or the numbers .925”.

Learn more. Watch attached video.


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