March Birthstone: Aquamarine

empire2The birthstone for March is the Aquamarine, a pale blue stone that takes its name from the Latin for “Aqua” meaning water and “Marina” for the sea, literally translating to seawater. The color of the Aquamarine is reminiscent of the coral seas of the Caribbean or Mediterranean and was thought to protect sailors and guarantee a safe voyage. Mined mostly in Brazil, Aquamarine’s greenish blue color and hardness mean that it is an ideal for jewelry making as it can stand up to the heat it takes to create jewelry. The largest Aquamarine ever mined was discovered in 1910 in Brazil and weighed in at 110kg and was 19 inches long and 17 inches in diameter. These beautiful and sophisticated birthstones make formal evening wear extravagant as it reflects the light with its sparkle.


What’s Hot For Valentines Day?

What’s Hot for Valentine’s Day

Jewlery ValeninesValentine’s Day is the one day each year when people express their love for others. Having grown well beyond just couples to include love for family and friends, young and old, Valentine’s Day has grown in spending too.

It’s estimated that in the US, around $19 Billion (that’s billion with a capital “B”) will be spent on Valentine’s Day gifts. Over $50 million will be spent on flowers, with nearly the same amount being spent on jewelry. Consumers run around trying to find the perfect gift to say “I Love You” (or at least “I Like You”) with Jewelry being the most lasting of gifts.

What’s most popular? It’s clear that diamonds are a girl’s best friend from the top internet searches. Start with Diamond Earrings, the most searched jewelry item on the internet for Valentine’s Day. This may be the perfect gift for your sweetheart when you’re not asking them to marry you. The next 3 top searches are engagement rings followed by “chocolate” diamonds (advertising clearly works) and Princess Cut Engagement rings. These next 3 are for those who didn’t go for the diamond earrings.

Some of the other top searches and choices for Valentine’s day gift giving include charm bracelets which can be customized to the individual receiving them, but also provide fresh ideas for future giving as you can add one or two charms on any special occasion. “Designer” bracelets like “Alex and Ani” are also popular choices, even without the lasting impression gold and silver jewelry provides.

Want to know what to give your loved one this Valentine’s day? Search history shows, jewelry is the way to your loved one’s heart.

Amethyst: February’s Birthstone

February Birthstone: AmethystAmethyst February gift

Each month of the calendar is represented by a different birthstone that has cultural, historical, religious and sometimes even mythical significance. The month of February is represented by Amethyst, a purple colored quartz gem that radiates from a violet to a deeper purple reddish hue. In ancient Greece it was thought to ward off Bacchus, the Greco/Roman God of the grape harvest (note the purple color connection to wine). Even the name Amethyst actually comes from the Greek word for intoxicated.  It was said that the Amethyst would keep the wearer clear headed and quick witted. During the middle ages, English royalty often used the Amethyst as part of their clothing and jewelry to represent their position in society. Amethyst is found all over the world but the finer specimens were often found in Russia but today much of it is found in Brazil and Zambia.

For those February birthday’s on your list, Amethyst jewelry could be the perfect gift.

Get a Clue as to what Gold Jewelry to Buy

Customers walk into Empire Loan stores every day to buy a special gift for someone; friend, family, future or present spouse and always shrug their shoulders about what to buy. If you’re not planning to ask them to marry you or know what size they take, avoid a ring. Do they like large hoop earrings or tiny studs? Do they wear bracelets or not? Do they have allergies to certain metals (truth be told, I was married for 23 years before I found out my wife couldn’t wear white gold earrings. By pure coincidence I had always bought her yellow gold). These are just a few of the things you should get a clue about before shopping.

After establishing some of these points, here are 3 things that may provide a clue as to what you can get somebody.

  • Hey Baby, what’s your sign?
    • More than just a pick up line from the 70’s, buying something that references a person’s astrological sign may give you some ideas about what to look for. You can certainly buy something that boldly says “AQUARIUS” in big letters or has a picture of a man carrying a bucket or pitcher of water, but maybe instead get a pendant of a pitcher of water to represent it. This is a much more subtle way of indicating you gave some thought to the gift and remembered when their birthday was. It also allows them to explain the significance to those that take the time to ask where they received that lovely gift.
  • Birthstones
    • January babies are garnets. February is amethyst while March is aquamarine. Customers may not be sure what sign their gift recipient is or what their exact birthday is, but they can usually narrow it down to what month they were born in. Each month has its own unique birthstone that can help narrow the choice of gifts. Looking for something with an emerald in it for somebody whose birthday falls in the month of May can make it simpler to select the perfect gift. Again, showing that you thought enough to get them a gift that represents their birth month makes your present even more special.
  • Earrings
    • Rings, chains and bracelets are 3 jewelry items that have a “size”. This means when you buy somebody a ring it may not fit properly. A chain or necklace could be too long or short and a bracelet could be too large or too tight. Earrings on the other hand are a one size fits all gift that work for just about anybody. Hoops for somebody who usually wears studs can be looked at as the gift for when they dress up, dangling earrings could be for special occasions while studs can be worn every day. When I have a customer stuck on what to get, I show them earrings.


What works best for the special person you’re shopping for? Follow these three rules and you’ll be able to make the right choice.

Get Cash For Your Unwanted Gift Cards!

Cash for Gift cardsThe holidays are done and the presents and decorations are packed away. Now what do you do with the gift cards you’ll never use? Bring them to Empire Loan and turn them into cash!

Empire Loan buys gift cards from over 650 merchants and pays cash on the spot. No machines to fuss with, no sharing credit card or bank account information, just bring in your gift cards along with your ID and you walk out with cash in your pocket.

One customer came in with over $200 worth of Dunkin Donuts gift cards he had received over the holidays from his customers (he was a trash collector) and while he appreciated the thought, he doesn’t drink coffee!  Another customer received a gift certificate to a high end department store where the $50 gift card he received might get him a pair of socks. One customer even came in with a gift card for a restaurant chain that doesn’t even have locations in New England. In each case, Empire Loan paid them cash for their unwanted gift cards.

Gift cards became a popular holiday gift for family, friends and service providers when you couldn’t figure out what to give them for the holidays. A gift card would let them shop for themselves and get the right size or color item. Unfortunately, you can’t please everybody. Instead of letting it sit in your wallet or purse and take up space, bring your unwanted gift cards into any of Empire Loan’s 8 locations in Boston, Providence, New Bedford, Worcester, Stoughton, Lowell or Lynn along with your ID and you could be walking out with cash.

Some retailers are offering to buy your gift cards from their competitors in exchange for gift cards to their stores. Others are offering store credits to their stores for gift cards to their competitors. If you didn’t want a gift card for their store, why would you necessarily want one from a store that basically sells the same things?

The advantage to getting cash for your gift cards is that you get CASH that you can spend anywhere you want to get just what you want.

Once again, Empire Loan makes it easy!

How Hard Is It To Get Cash For Gold in MA?

How Hard is it to get Cash for Gold in MA?

cash for gold maCustomers call and come into Empire Loan’s 8 locations in Massachusetts and Rhode Island and want to know how difficult it is to get cash for gold. The answer is, it’s not! You only need two things: a valid ID and something of value. That’s it. No forms to fill out. No waiting for approvals. You don’t even have to deal with cashing a check.  If you have a valid ID and something of value, you could be walking out with cash in as little as 5 minutes.


Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Walk into any Empire Loan location. (Getting cash for gold in MA is just as easy as it is in RI.)

Step 2: Show the pawn broker your merchandise and ID.

Step 3: Find out how much your merchandise is worth and agree on how much you want and what we can offer you.

Step 4: Sign the loan agreement with a description of the items and have your picture taken.

Step 5: Get your cash and go on your merry way.

That’s it! Empire Loan will lend you money based on the value of your merchandise, from gold and diamond jewelry, electronics (laptops, tablets, flat screen TV’s, smart phones, digital cameras, etc.), musical instruments, tools, anything with a solid resale value and market. Your Empire Loan pawn broker will be able to tell you how much they can offer you, even explaining how they came up with that amount. Their job is to make sure you understand how they arrived at that figure.

Before you agree to anything or sign any agreements they are always happy to explain everything to you in easy to understand terms.

How difficult is it to get the cash you need at Empire Loan? It’s not! Just like we say in our ads: It’s That Easy!

Dashing For Cash? Get Cash For Gold, Boston!

Dashing For Cash? Get Cash For Gold Boston!

Boston is in the midst of the holiday season. Presents to Cash for gold this holiday seasonbuy, parties to host and attend, travel plans to make and everything else that comes with getting ready for the winter. The one common question in all of this is: How the heck am I going to pay for it?  Let Empire Loan help you by giving you cash for gold you no longer want or need.

That’s where the mad dash to Empire Loan with your gold could be the golden ticket! Whether you have old scrap gold that is broken, crushed, knotted, loose earrings or just plain ugly pieces laying around, Empire Loan can turn it into instant cash with a loan or a buy. If you have treasured pieces; sentimental keepsakes, your favorite necklace, bracelet or ring, Empire Loan can give you a cash loan and you don’t have to sell your stuff!


How can you turn your gold into cash? Two simple options

  • Sell it. If you’ve had broken jewelry, loose earrings and bad memories sitting in your junk drawer, bring it into any of Empire Loan’s 8 locations (Boston, Providence, New Bedford, Worcester, Stoughton, Lowell or Lynn) and Empire will pay you cash on the spot. The friendly staff at Empire will test it and weigh it right in front of you and pay you cash based on the spot market price of gold at that very moment. No stress or strain, just the cash to get you through the holidays with no strings attached. That charm bracelet from the ex-boyfriend? Cash! The loose earring that you always thought you would find the match to? Cash! Broken chains, dented rings that are missing stones and anything else that is made of gold but is completely useless to you, sell it to Empire for Cash!
  • Pawn it! A pawn is a loan where you bring in your treasured valuables and get a 3 or 4 month loan based on the value of the merchandise. The whole time it’s there, Empire stores your merchandise in their secure vaults until you repay the loan and come back to get your items. It’s that simple. You bring in your chains, bracelets, earrings, even your wedding ring and Empire Loan will test it, weigh it and tell you right then and there, how much they can lend you on it. You walk out with cash, secure in the knowledge that for 30 years, Empire Loan has been lending people money based on the value of their merchandise. As a matter of fact, 90% of Empire Loan pawn customers get their valuables back. In the meantime, you’ve turned your gold into holiday cash.


Need holiday cash? Let Empire Loan show you how you can do it safely and confidently!


Wipe The Dust Off and Get Cash For Gold

Wipe the Dust Off and Get CashCash for Gold Jewellry MA

This time of year we all could use a little extra cash for the holidays. How about diving into the corners of your own home for treasures that you can get instant cash for! Here are some of the things you may have laying around

  • The Garage or basement workshop: Most homeowners have tools they bought to get a project done that are now just sitting in a box on the shelf. Power tools like drills, circular saws and compressors are just a few of the power tools that may be taking up space that you can bring to a pawn shop to get cash. High end sets of wrenches from manufacturers like Snap On have solid resale values and can be used as collateral for a loan at a pawn shop. Look around and see what you can find!


  • Electronics: Pretty soon you’re going to be getting a new TV, digital camera, laptop or game system as a gift so why not trade in your old one for some cash? Electronics don’t necessarily hold value the way other items do but you may be able to get something for it instead of just dumping it in the trash! If you call a pawn shop like Empire Loan with the brand and model number of what you have, they may be able to make you an offer right over the phone! What do you have to lose?


  • Musical Instruments: Remember when you were going to learn to play the saxophone so you rushed out and bought one? How’d that work out for you? You used it once or twice and now you can use it one more time. This time to get cash! Guitars, trumpets, drums, keyboards, just about any kind of well made, well maintained instrument could make you some cash. How does that sound!


  • Collectables: The market for collectable figurines, crystal and other items has been in decline for quite some time. Items from companies like Lladro, Hummel and Waterford still sell for big bucks at retail but the price to collectors has been going down. If you’re tired of dusting these pieces each week and want to turn them into quick cash, a pawn shop may be just the place to take it. Better to get something for it than waiting around for the market to crash or worse yet, for your statuette to come crashing down from the shelf.


  • Gold and Diamond jewelry: What’s at the bottom of your jewelry box? What lone, loose earring, bent ring or bad boyfriend memories do you have laying around that could get you some cash. Whether it is an ugly pair of earrings from your well meaning aunt or the promise ring from the old boyfriend who broke his promise, these are the gifts that can just keep on giving. Gather it up and bring it into a pawn shop and get the cash you need right now.

Need cash for the holidays? Take a look around and get into your friendly neighborhood Empire Loan pawn shop!

What Sets Empire Loan Apart From The Competition?

What Sets Empire Loan Apart?Empire Loan the best for cash for gold

When Empire Loan opened 30 years ago in 1985, the goal set out by third generation pawn broker Michael Goldstein was to create a new kind of pawn shop, one that treated customers honestly and respectfully. Those guiding principles carried on as Empire expanded and nowhere is that more evident than in the New Bedford/Fall River area where Empire opened their second store.

When that store opened in 1989, New Bedford and Fall River pawn brokers had developed a terrible reputation for being less than honest and fair with customers. Not telling customers that they did not have to come in monthly to make payments, charging them excessive fees and interest and trying to short change them by giving them less than what they deserved. New Bedford and Fall River pawn brokers were everything Empire Loan in New Bedford was not.

At Empire Loan in New Bedford, pawn brokers take the time to explain the process to their customers and tell them ways they could even save money on their loans. The staff at Empire Loan’s Acushnet Avenue store work with customers to try and get them as much money as they can for their items, but explaining they don’t have to take the maximum amount if they don’t need it, which helps them save money.

One of the biggest differences between Empire Loan in New Bedford and other pawn shops in Fall River and New Bedford is the time they take the time to teach customers how the loan works and what the fees and charges are. Surprisingly enough, other pawn shops on the south coast don’t do that one simple thing. That’s why while the industry sees around 80% redemption rates for pawned items, Empire Loan in New Bedford sees almost 90% of their pawn loans redeemed. This means that only 1 in 10 people can’t or don’t redeem their loans and get their merchandise back.

What sets Empire Loan in New Bedford apart from other pawn shops in Fall River and New Bedford? It’s all about caring about our customers.

A Holiday Half Dozen: 6 Ways a Pawn Shop and Cash for Gold Can Help You This Holiday Season

With the holidays fast approaching, the one thing everybody needs is cash. It doesn’t matter what you use it for, Cash is King! Empire Loan’s eight New England pawn shop locations can help. Here are a half dozen ways that a pawn shop offering cash for gold like Empire Loan can help you this holiday season:

  • Redecorate! The family is coming for dinner so new carpet, curtains and even furniture can make everything look better in time for the holidays. A pawn loan could help make it a reality.
  • Holiday travel plans: It doesn’t matter if you are going away to visit family and friends or going away to avoid family and friends; airline tickets, hotel rooms, even gas and meals while you’re away all cost money. A quick loan to one of our pawn shops in New England could make it all possible.
  • Cleaning up for the holidays is always challenging. Before your in-laws arrive, you may want to consider having the carpets and upholstery professionally cleaned so they can’t complain about how dirty and messy your place is. Even bringing in a cleaning crew to do a thorough top to bottom cleaning could make everybody feel jolly!
  • Enjoy the party and let somebody else do all the work. Holidays can be stressful with all the prep work and cooking, but how about hiring somebody to at least serve and clean up. Heck, have a caterer take care of everything.  Trading in your gold for cash at Empire Loans could let you enjoy your own party.
  • Get a head start on holiday shopping. Black Friday sales and other early holiday sales specials may require ready cash. Your friendly neighborhood Empire Loan pawn shop could be the best way to make sure you can take advantage of these deals, without a credit card New Year’s hangover.
  • Great Gift Deals: Pawn shops can be an awesome place to find the best deals around throughout the holiday season. Get cash for your gold and purchase new jewelry for your loved ones. Gold & diamond jewelry is just the beginning of the savings. TV’s, game systems, laptops, musical instruments and tools are just a few of the items you may find at rock bottom prices at a pawn shop. It’s also never too early to think about layaway. Empire Loan offers free Layaway with as little as 15% down. Now that’s a deal.

Let Empire Loan help you enjoy your holidays!

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