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Pawn or Sell Your Tools At Empire Loan!

Empire Loan buys and offers loans on tools of just about any description! Our offers are based on the tool’s condition and a percentage of what the item sells for secondhand on websites like eBay. Customers can bring us a wide variety of power tools, including drills, impact wrenches, table saws, compound miter saws, and more to get a fast cash loan or to sell when they are upgrading! Major brands like Milwaukee, DeWalt, Porter-Cable, Bosch, and others tend to have the most secondhand value, as opposed to lower-end brands like Black & Decker, Stanley, and Harbor Freight. Our team at Empire Loan will start the valuation process by determining the overall condition of the tool to ensure that it works properly and is not damaged. Next, we’ll look online on websites like eBay to find what comparable tools are actually selling for, then offer a percentage of that price for a buy or loan.

How Much Are My Tools Worth?

Typically, our team at Empire Loan will offer 30-35% of an item’s secondhand selling price to buy the tool or 20-25% for a loan. Some of the tools we take in are barely used, which helps increase the amount we are able to offer for an item. More heavily used tools will have a lower value, but any tools we take in must be complete and in good working condition. Any tools with frayed cords or missing/damaged parts would not be items we would be able to consider for a purchase or loan. Empire Loan also accepts hand tools such as ratchet wrenches, socket sets, and other items from higher-end brands like Snap-On, MAC tools, Klein, and others. It’s important to have complete sets of these hand tools because missing pieces will significantly bring down the secondhand value!

What Kinds Of Tools Can I Pawn & Sell at Empire Loan?

Here at Empire Loan, we buy and offer loans on a wide variety of power and hand tools, including drills, saws, wrenches, socket sets, and much more! In regards to certain diagnostic or specialty tools, our staff at Empire Loan may ask a customer to prove that the tool works by demonstrating they can power it on and use it – this also helps prove ownership. Unfortunately, due to insurance regulations, Empire Loan is unable to accept any gas-powered tools unless they are brand new, in the box, and have never had gas or oil in them. Each of the steps that we take before we accept a tool for a buy or a loan help consumers who are looking to purchase these tools. When we put an item out for sale, it has already been tested. We also stand behind every item we sell with our money-back guarantee! Whether you’re looking for a cash loan, trading in your current tools, or looking to buy tools, Empire Loan is here to help!

Frequently Asked Questions About Buying, Selling, Or Pawning Tools:

Empire Loan purchases a wide variety of power and hand tools at each of our eight locations throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island! Come see us at any one of our stores today to find out how much your tools are worth for a buy or a loan!

At Empire Loan, we base our offer prices on a few different factors: brand, condition, and a percentage of the tool’s secondhand value. The best part about selling or pawning your tools at Empire Loan is that you can walk out with cash in your pocket today! Come see us at one of our eight locations in Massachusetts and Rhode Island!

At Empire Loan, we do not purchase or offer loans on any broken power tools because they do not hold any secondhand value. In order to sell or get a cash loan on your power tools, make sure you bring us all the parts that came with the equipment originally!

Empire Loan sells used power tools at each of our eight locations in Massachusetts and Rhode Island! The tools we have in stock are always changing, so come see us at any of our stores to check out our selection or shop online on our eBay store!

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