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Your spare change could be worth big bucks at Empire Loan! All that change that has been piling up could be worth some real money if you just take some time to look! In the years before 1965, dimes, quarters, half dollars, and silver dollars were actually made of silver: 90% silver, to be precise. This means that your dime isn’t truly worth ten cents; it’s actually worth almost ten times that based on today’s silver prices! Almost any coin from 1964 and before is worth around ten times its face value!

Why Are Coins From Before 1965 More Valuable?

In 1965, most coins started to be minted using copper and nickel rather than silver. The one exception to this was the Kennedy Half Dollar, which from 1965 to 1970 contained 40% silver. 

As the price of silver has risen over the years, these coins have gained in value; not for their numismatic value, but for their silver content. This means the coin’s condition is not important, as its worth is determined simply by the scrap value of the precious metal!

Nickels, in most cases, do not contain silver. During World War II, from 1942 to 1945, certain mints minted nickels that were 35% silver. Other than that, nickels were generally made up of mostly copper.

How Much Are My Old Coins Worth?

Over the past few years, customers have walked into our stores with old silver coins that have no sentimental value and walked out with hundreds and even thousands of dollars in cash! When cleaning out drawers in her mother’s home after she had passed on, one woman found a box of coins that ended up being worth over $600 in cash. Another customer came in after they had completed a demolition job on an old house where they came across over 230 “Peace Dollars” minted from 1921 to 1935 and cashed them in for over $2,000.00! These “Peace Dollar” coins are distinct from Fine Silver, marked 999 and referred to as American Eagle Liberty Dollars. These are considered bullion coins because they were produced primarily for investment purposes as opposed to numismatic coins, which can be spent since they are “real money” and are more likely to be more valuable based on conditions and scarcity.

Before getting rid of those old silver coins, take a minute to check the dates. In any condition, those coins may be worth big bucks!

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