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Pawn or Sell Watches At Empire Loan!

Empire Loan is a great place to turn your watch(es) into cash! Whether you want to get a loan or are looking to sell, our team at Empire Loan can help! When it comes to how much your watch is worth for a loan or buy, it’s important to recognize the factors that affect its value: material, brand, and quality. Understanding these factors can help you figure out how much you may be able to expect for the type of watch you have! Continue reading below to learn more!

Pawn Or Sell Gold Watches:

Empire Loan offers pawn loans and purchases on gold watches based on the current value of the gold, similar to the valuation process for gold jewelry. Watches come in a wide range of brands and styles; however, gold watches may have more value from the gold they’re made of than they do based on the brand. Our staff will determine the value of the gold in a watch by testing it and placing it on a scale. Keep in mind that the inner workings of a watch are rarely made of gold, but we can properly account for this to get you the most money possible! Come see us at one of our eight locations today and find out how much your gold watch is worth for a buy or loan!

Pawn Or Sell Designer Watches:

A wide range of designers offer watches that are “designed” by them but are realistically manufactured by 3rd parties. These may be beautiful watches that sell for top dollar at retail, but they have much less value on the secondhand market. Anne Klein, Michael Kors, G-Shock, and a myriad of other designers have watches that are beautiful and keep good time; however, they have very little secondhand value in the world of pawnbrokers. We often offer this type of watch for sale for under $100, regardless of what it may sell for at retail. Even in brand new condition, watches like this may not get you more than $10 to $20.

Pawn Or Sell Good Quality Watches:

There is a large middle ground of nice watches that won’t cost thousands of dollars but may very well get you some fast cash. Brands like Citizens, Bulova, Invicta, and Movado (to name just a few) tend to retail for a few hundred dollars and, based on their condition, could get you a loan from a few dollars to a few hundred. Again, offers on these watches are based on their condition and a percentage of their secondhand selling price on websites like eBay. You will likely need to provide the original box and paperwork to assist in authenticating the watch and identifying the exact model! Come see us at one of our locations today to see how much your watch is worth for a buy or loan!

Pawn Or Sell High-End Prestige Watch Brands:

Brands like Rolex, Patek, Breitling, Omega, and others represent the opposite end of the spectrum. These watches may retail for thousands to tens of thousands of dollars. These watch brands are considered to be some of the finest timepieces made in the world. Many are handcrafted and require special tools and expertise to be serviced or authenticated. With many of these watches, Empire Loan relies on experts who we will reach out to help in authenticating and determining their value. We typically require the original box and paperwork for the watch to help with authentication. Just having the box and paperwork can increase the value of the watch! When it’s time to get cash, your high-end watch may be as good as gold at Empire Loan! Come see us today at one of our eight locations!


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