Buy, Sell, and Pawn Electronics

Pawn or Sell Your Electronics To Our Team At Empire Loan!

Empire Loan buys, sells, and offers pawn loans on a wide variety of electronics including laptop computers, tablets, game systems, TV’s, speaker systems, and more! Our offer prices are based on a percentage of the secondhand value for these items on online marketplaces like eBay, not on what an item may have sold for brand new at retail. Generally speaking, our team at Empire Loan will offer 20-25% of that selling price for a loan or 30-35% to buy the item. Because electronics are “perishable” and decrease in value quickly, most items we take in are less than 2 years old. We do not usually buy broken items unless their parts hold secondhand value. All items must come with any cables, controllers, and accessories that they come with originally!

Buy, Sell, or Pawn Tv's at Empire Loan!

Most of the TV’s Empire Loan takes in for loans or buys are now Smart TV’s and must have the original remote control with them. We also require the base that comes with the TV, even if it includes a wall mount bracket. This allows for safe storage in our stores. TV’s must also have the original power cord and cannot have any scratches or cracks on the screen.

Buy, Sell, or Pawn Laptops and Tablets at Empire Loan!

Laptops and tablets must be in good working order with no visible damage to the screen or case in order for us to buy or give loans on them. You should be sure to charge your devices to at least 50% battery before bringing them in to allow for testing. You’ll also need to include the charger and any other cables or accessories that may come with it. You’ll also need to have any passwords that are required to log onto the device and will need to provide them to our staff. With Apple products that are tied to an iCloud account, you will need to delete the iCloud from the device. This last step does not delete the files, it simply deletes the access to those files on the device itself. For any questions regarding laptops or tablets at Empire Loan, please feel free to contact us!

Buy, Sell, or Pawn Video Game Consoles at Empire Loan!

Empire Loan offers buys and loans on game systems like PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo and others. When these items are brought in, they must include any cables and controllers and must be in good working condition. If they are portable, they should be charged enough to be tested. If you have any accessories, these can add value and possibly increase the amount you may be offered! Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions about selling or pawning your gaming systems to Empire Loan!

Buy, Sell, or Pawn Speaker Systems at Empire Loan!

Bluetooth speakers are commonly brought into Empire Loan stores for buys and loans! As with all electronics, speaker systems must be in good working condition and not have any visible damage. Portable speakers should be charged when they are brought in and you should be sure to include the original charger! Feel free to contact us with any questions about speaker systems at Empire Loan!

Frequently ASked Questions About Electronics At Empire Loan:

At each of our eight Empire Loan locations, we buy, sell, and offer pawn loans on a wide variety of electronics including laptop computers, tablets, game systems, TV’s, speaker systems, and more. We also purchase smartphones, however we do not sell or offer pawn loans on them.

At Empire Loan, we do not typically accept broken electronics unless their parts hold secondhand value. If you’re curious as to whether your broken electronics are worth something, feel free to come see us at any one of our 8 locations in Massachusetts and Rhode Island!

At Empire Loan, we base our offer prices off of the average secondhand value of that item on websites like eBay. Offers are typically 20-25% of that secondhand value for a loan or 30-35% to buy the item. If you have any questions about what your electronics are worth, don’t hesitate to contact us or come see us at one of our stores!

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