Empire Loan To The Sportsmen’s Tennis Club of Dorchester: A $50,000 Thank You!

At 950 Blue Hill Avenue, just about halfway between Franklin Park and Mattapan Square, sits a squat, unassuming collection of hangars and outdoor hard-surface tennis courts. Welcome to The Sportsmen’s Tennis Club, a neighborhood sports club with a mission. Established in 1961, it will soon be celebrating its 50th year as the provider of unique […]

Boston Herald Article: Teaching their children well

Business & Markets Jennifer Heldt Powell Sunday, June 17, 2012 Fathers pass on more than merchandise, customers When John DiNatale was young, his private detective father, Phil, told him plenty about how to do the job right. Like, when you’re watching someone, move just your eyes, not your head. And, when you are trailing someone, […]

Pawnbroker Michael Goldstein Talks About his Business

Boston Globe: September 6, 2012 Q. How does it work? A. If people need to borrow money, they bring in something of theirs, like jewelry or a watch. Let’s say someone brings in a Rolex. I get it appraised. We usually loan at 70 percent of the value. So if the watch is worth $1,000, […]

Boston Globe – A family’s heirloom, history are reclaimed

By Kevin Cullen Globe Columnist / May 30, 2010 As soon as his boys could walk, Francis “Fuzzy’’ Hector took them on airplanes at Air Force bases. He wanted them to stand inside the belly of a transport and get that rumbling feeling in their own bellies. “Man,’’ Derek Hector was saying, “my brother Chris […]