3 Ways to Help Recover Your Stolen Property

3 Ways to Help Recover Your Stolen Property

MA Pawn Shops and theft

If you’ve ever been robbed or lost something of value, you know how important it is to be able to describe and identify it. Taking a few quick and easy steps now to prepare for a potential loss could help you provide critical information to the police and insurance adjusters, help you identify items if they are found, and produce fliers regarding the lost item.

Stolen Jewelry

The explosion of gold buyers has created a huge market for stolen jewelry. Some things you can do to help keep records on this starts when you first purchase the items with receipts. When you buy jewelry at Mass pawn shops, ask for a receipt! All Empire Loan locations provide customers with detailed receipts for the items they purchase.  We provide a description of the type of metal (yellow gold, white gold, silver, platinum), the assay for gold (10K, 14K, 18K, etc.), weight (we use pennyweight or DWT) and any stones the item may have, including specific cuts if it’s diamonds (RBC or Round Brilliant Cut, PC or Princess Cut, etc.).  The receipt not only insures that you are getting what you paid for, it can also provide a description of the item and what you paid for it. This information can be used by the police or your insurance company.

Theft of Electronics

As mentioned earlier, getting a receipt from Mass pawn shops for your purchase is always the best way to help identify your merchandise. These days, almost everyone has laptop computers, flat screen TV’s, digital cameras, tablets and other electronic devices. Their accessibility often makes them the target of thieves. Having a receipt is a great way to keep track of your devices. An additional precaution you can take to help identify your merchandise if it is lost or stolen is to keep a record of manufacturer name, model number and the serial number. These are the quickest and easiest ways to help identify and track your merchandise.

Loss of Musical Instruments

Guitars, amplifiers, trumpets, keyboards and other instruments are often easy targets for thieves. In addition to the receipts for the initial purchase, knowing the make and model number, along with any serial numbers, is crucial to tracking down your treasured instrument. Any additional markings, damages and dents can also help identify the instrument.

Take Photos!

Taking pictures of your items is one of the best ways to help identify items of value. In the event of theft or loss, your photos can be provided to the police and Mass pawn shops, and used on fliers to help get the word out. Take pictures of the jewelry with something else to provide perspective, like a quarter or a ruler to show the size of your item. For electronics, take a picture of the tag that displays the model and serial number. Photos that show the condition, color or any distinct markings on a musical instrument can be invaluable.

A Valuable Lesson!

No one likes to think of losing their valuables. But in the evident that the worst happens, here’s a summary of a few key ways to improve the chances for getting your items back.

  1. Try to keep receipts with descriptions for all your major purchases.
  2. Keep a record of manufacturer’s name, model and serial numbers of   electronics and appliances.
  3. Take pictures of your valuables for reference.Get Cash for Valuables