6 Unique Benefits of a Pawn Broker

6 Unique Benefits of a Pawn Broker

Having a diamond passed off or pawned does not make it junk. Whether you need to sell or pawn diamond jewelry, a pawn shop can be an alternate option when it comes to holding onto your treasured possessions while keeping them held at a reputable location to one day retrieve your item. But with that said did you know that there are more benefits offered by pawnshops than meets the eye? Below are some benefits of a pawn shop.

No paperwork

A pawn shop typically provides a contract that states the specific terms and conditions of a pawn contract. This is unlike the traditional credit system of commercial banks, where you have to go through endless interrogations and gross paperwork sessions to access most of their services. a Pawn loan is normally faster, less intensive, and does not require a credit check which can expedite the process and provide funds needed in a moment’s notice.


Pawnshops are like a one-source shop for almost anything you need. Instead of going about from one store to another searching for different items, you can simply get it all at a pawn shop. Are you worried that you might not get the right quality, the right quality? Remember that just because it’s a pawnshop doesn’t mean the diamond is junk.

No interest in credit scores

The traditional function of pawnshops is pawning. This means that they offer loans for your items pawned with them at a certain price. Pawnshops do not give two hoots about your credit scores or credit history. You get your item back immediately you settle the debt and any interest. If you cannot settle the debt, your item is simply sold, and the proceeds are used to settle the debt.

Accurate & Fair Evaluations

Any time brought through the door of a pawn shop is thoroughly inspected prior to being bought or sold. They will check the item’s condition from retailers and online sources along with their knowledge of its demand in the market to give you a fair price. This can help save you time that could have been spent researching the best price for your time. And if you’re buying, this will help save you the time and stress of looking for the best price to buy the item since pawnshops will do the work for you.

Variety at Reasonable Prices

The stock of a pawn shop is constantly changing. If you stop by a pawn shop today and you do not see what you want exactly, all you have to do is check back a few days later, and you might just land that nice deal. If the price seems too much, check back again, and you might just land a fair deal. Pawnshops buy directly from people who are willing to sell off their items for quick cash. There is no need for a middleman. Unlike normal retail retailers who source from distributors and sell at high prices, pawnshops may surprise you with fair prices for the same items since they do not deal with distributors but directly with the owners.

Buy & Sell: When You Want to

Pawnshops are not only for pawning that valuable item when you are in urgent need of cash. You can also sell that ring that reminds you of that bad marriage, a painful memory, or even a necklace or old jewelry that you feel like disposing of. You can also buy items in working condition at a fair price.

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It doesn’t matter what condition these items are in; broken, damaged, missing pieces, or badly out of style, Empire Loan pays more than anybody for your unwanted gold, silver, or platinum.

For questions on items that we do or don’t accept please visit our “Accepted Items Page” for more information on a pawn loan please contact us today via our convenient contact form or by calling in directly at 1-800-375-PAWN

It doesn’t matter what condition these items are in; broken, damaged, missing pieces, or badly out of style, Empire Loan pays more than anybody for your unwanted gold, silver, or platinum.

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