What Can I Pawn?

What can I pawn?

Need cash from a pawn shop and don’t know if what you have will get you what you need? Here’s a quick list of what a pawn shop like Empire Loan takes:

Gold & Diamond jewelry (and platinum too): Empire Loan offers cash loans based on the scrap value of gold and platinum jewelry and a small percentage of the wholesale value of any diamonds. The expert staff at Empire will be able to test and weigh your items and determine what they can offer you in the form of a loan or a buy. You may be surprised at how much your plain gold wedding band might be worth.

Flat Screen TV’s: The world of TV’s keeps changing so Empire Loan uses websites like eBay and Amazon to determine what a particular model of TV is selling for used and will offer a percentage of that for a buy or a loan. If you bought your TV within the past year for around $1,000 new, it might be selling for half that amount used now. Empire Loan would offer you between 20% and 30% of that used resale value for a buy or a loan based on things like condition, if you have the original remote and which particular brand it is.

Smart Phone: Empire Loan offers buys and loans on the used resale value of smartphones too. Based on the brand, model number, features and condition, Empire Loan looks at which wireless company the phone is tied to as well as making sure no money is owed. Once everything checks out, Empire will offer you a cash loan based on a percentage of the used resale value of the phone.

Miscellaneous Electronics: Empire Loan can help you turn your electronics into a cash loan. Electronics like laptops, tablets digital cameras game systems, just about any current device that is in good working condition and has a strong resale value can get you a cash loan based on a percentage of the used resale selling price on websites like eBay and Amazon.

Tools: Empire Loan does offer buys and loans on tools of all kinds.  From hand tools like wrenches, ratchets and sets of screw drivers from high end manufacturers like Snap On, Klein, Craftsman and others are items Empire may make offers on, again,  based on a percentage of what they are selling for used online. The same thing applies to power tools like drills, impact drivers, saws and others.  As long as the tools are in good working condition, Empire Loan will make offers based on a percentage of what they sell for used on respected websites.

Musical Instruments: The most popular instrument to get a loan from a pawn shop on is an acoustic or electric guitar. As always, the amount you can borrow is based on the particular make and model instrument you have, with American made guitars usually being the most valuable ones. Condition is extremely important and we do require that you have a case in order for us to be able to store your guitar safely. One unique requirement that Empire Loan owner Michael Goldstein has asked is that you know how to play it. The purpose of this is to show that it works properly but it also indicates ownership. Empire Loan also offers loans on saxophones, trumpets, amplifiers, keyboards and a wide range of musical instruments.

What do you have? During over 30 years of business, Empire Loan has offered loans from as little as $26 to over $26,000. Customers have brought in: Specialized tools, high car rims, DJ equipment, collectables, golf clubs and even a horse saddle. Our staff is trained to appraise a wide variety of items that our customers look to get fast cash for. Have a question? Give Empire Loan a call and we’d be happy to answer it for you.

At Empire Loan, it’s that easy!

Pawn Your TV at Empire Loan

Chances are you went out and bought a large flat screen TV to grace your home, and you spent big bucks for it at one of those big box retailers. If you want to turn it into a fast cash loan, or sell it to get yourself a newer model, Empire Loan may be just the place to do that. Here’s how:

Empire Loan offers customers cash loans and purchases of their old flat screen TV’s based on a percentage of their second hand selling price on websites like eBay and Amazon. Simply call your local Empire Loan store with the brand and model number of the TV you have and our staff can usually let you know right over the phone what they might be able to offer you. They’ll look it up on line and if they find that it recently sold used for $500, Empire could buy it or offer you a loan of $100 to $150 or more based on what you have with it and what condition it is in. This could be a great start on paying for your new TV!

Recently we had a customer bring in his TV to get a loan so he would have the cash to buy one that was selling at a deep discount during one big box retailer’s Black Friday sale. After he bought the new TV he returned just after the holidays and picked up his original TV.

If you’re in the market for a new TV and just need to make space, Empire may buy your old TV for cash based on condition and what it’s selling for second hand. Either way, you win.

When you bring your TV into one of Empire’s stores the staff will check it out and see how much they can offer you. You walk out with cash and Empire safely and securely stores your TV until you come back. It’s that easy.

One more thing: If you are looking to buy a  new TV, Empire Loan is the place to go. All of the TV’s that are brought in are held for a short period of time, cleaned up and tested and then put out for sale at a fraction of the prices charged by those big box retailers. From a 15” table top TV on us to 60” or more, Empire Loan has a constant flow of flat screen TV’s to choose from. But one piece of advice for you is; if you like what you see, buy it because it won’t be around for long.

March Birthstone: Aquamarine

empire2The birthstone for March is the Aquamarine, a pale blue stone that takes its name from the Latin for “Aqua” meaning water and “Marina” for the sea, literally translating to seawater. The color of the Aquamarine is reminiscent of the coral seas of the Caribbean or Mediterranean and was thought to protect sailors and guarantee a safe voyage. Mined mostly in Brazil, Aquamarine’s greenish blue color and hardness mean that it is an ideal for jewelry making as it can stand up to the heat it takes to create jewelry. The largest Aquamarine ever mined was discovered in 1910 in Brazil and weighed in at 110kg and was 19 inches long and 17 inches in diameter. These beautiful and sophisticated birthstones make formal evening wear extravagant as it reflects the light with its sparkle.