What’s Hot For Valentines Day?

What’s Hot for Valentine’s Day

Jewlery ValeninesValentine’s Day is the one day each year when people express their love for others. Having grown well beyond just couples to include love for family and friends, young and old, Valentine’s Day has grown in spending too.

It’s estimated that in the US, around $19 Billion (that’s billion with a capital “B”) will be spent on Valentine’s Day gifts. Over $50 million will be spent on flowers, with nearly the same amount being spent on jewelry. Consumers run around trying to find the perfect gift to say “I Love You” (or at least “I Like You”) with Jewelry being the most lasting of gifts.

What’s most popular? It’s clear that diamonds are a girl’s best friend from the top internet searches. Start with Diamond Earrings, the most searched jewelry item on the internet for Valentine’s Day. This may be the perfect gift for your sweetheart when you’re not asking them to marry you. The next 3 top searches are engagement rings followed by “chocolate” diamonds (advertising clearly works) and Princess Cut Engagement rings. These next 3 are for those who didn’t go for the diamond earrings.

Some of the other top searches and choices for Valentine’s day gift giving include charm bracelets which can be customized to the individual receiving them, but also provide fresh ideas for future giving as you can add one or two charms on any special occasion. “Designer” bracelets like “Alex and Ani” are also popular choices, even without the lasting impression gold and silver jewelry provides.

Want to know what to give your loved one this Valentine’s day? Search history shows, jewelry is the way to your loved one’s heart.

Amethyst: February’s Birthstone

February Birthstone: AmethystAmethyst February gift

Each month of the calendar is represented by a different birthstone that has cultural, historical, religious and sometimes even mythical significance. The month of February is represented by Amethyst, a purple colored quartz gem that radiates from a violet to a deeper purple reddish hue. In ancient Greece it was thought to ward off Bacchus, the Greco/Roman God of the grape harvest (note the purple color connection to wine). Even the name Amethyst actually comes from the Greek word for intoxicated.  It was said that the Amethyst would keep the wearer clear headed and quick witted. During the middle ages, English royalty often used the Amethyst as part of their clothing and jewelry to represent their position in society. Amethyst is found all over the world but the finer specimens were often found in Russia but today much of it is found in Brazil and Zambia.

For those February birthday’s on your list, Amethyst jewelry could be the perfect gift.