10 Bills you can pay with a MA or RI Pawn Loan

Pawn loans are short term cash loans that simply require a valid ID and something of value to secure the loan. Since 1985, Empire Loan has been helping customers by providing pawn loans in our Boston, Providence, New Bedford, Worcester, Stoughton, Lowell and Lynn stores. What can you use a pawn loan for? Here are ten of the most common uses

  • Car repairs: Brake jobs, new tires, or a new exhaust system are just a few of the unexpected expenses that come up when you own a car. A quick cash pawn loan could help fix it right up.
  • Rent or Mortgage: Everybody knows when the rent or mortgage is due, the problem is that other expenses come up too. When you’re a little short, this could be just what you need.
  • Overdue Bills: Every month the number of bills that comes in seems to keep growing. Cable, phone bill, gas, electric and the heating bills alone are enough to drown you. When you come up a little short, a fast and easy pawn loan could be just the ticket to avoid late fees, reactivation charges and everything else they tack on.
  • Bank Fees: If you’ve ever bounced a check with your bank you know being overdrawn can be expensive. The bank charges you $40 for being overdrawn on top of any fees the company you sent the check to charges you. A pawn loan to prevent this in the first place could be the best value.
  • School Vacation: Whether it’s just for spring break or when they are off for the summer, a pawn loan will keep everyone happy. Kid’s camp can cost a few hundred dollars a week while a pawn loan helps it all happen.
  • Medical Expenses: Even with health insurance, the cost of an office visit, prescription drug co-pay or the dreaded Emergency Room visit can add up quickly. The only thing faster is the time it takes to do a pawn loan to cover the expense
  • Night on the town: what happens when a special occasion comes up and he need to pick up the tab for dinner? How about the concert you’ve been waiting for that you have to buy tickets before they sell out? A fast cash pawn loan can get you out on the town without a care in the world.
  • College Tuition: Whether you need to get a deposit in by a certain date or buy one of those expensive text books, a pawn loan can help you make it to your degree!
  • Credit Cards: One reason many customers choose a pawn loan is to avoid having a credit card and paying all those interest and fees that come when you get behind.
  • Car Payment: Customers who are paying on a car loan know that being late on a payment does more than just effect your credit rating, it can also trigger extra fees making the loan even more expensive. Pawn loans can be cheaper than the fees that get tacked on.

Everybody has bills and most need a little help every now and then just to stay on top of them. A Pawn Loan from Empire Loan with eight convenient locations from Rhode Island to Massachusetts could be just the ticket.


Cutting Edge Technology in the Pawn Business

The pawn loan has been around for thousands of years, dating back to the early Chinese and the Roman Empire. The business of lending money based on borrowers providing collateral items to secure the loan is nothing new.  One New England based chain of pawn shops, Empire Loan, has gone where no pawn shop has gone before, with new exclusive technology making New England pawn loans easier for their customers.

Empire Loan has created an online loan payment center that allows customers to pay their loans through their website from the comfort of their own home or anywhere in the world. Customers simply go to www.EmpireLoan.com and click on the link to “Pay Your Loan” and create a simple online account where they can renew and even redeem their loans without having to go to the store.

“Our customers lead busy lives with work, family, chores and a million other things they don’t have time for” says Empire Loan founder and President Michael Goldstein. “The last thing they have time for is a special trip to the pawn shop to pay on their loan. That’s why we created the online loan center, to make it easier for them to take care of their business whenever it is most convenient for them.”

Empire Loan did a soft launch of the loan center in March of 2014 to give customers and employees a chance to get used to it and make sure there weren’t any bugs in the system. So far things have gone smoothly for everybody.

“We have a call center that our customers can call into if they need help navigating it. The #1 problem seems to be people forgetting their password, so that means the system is working perfectly” says Goldstein.

So far customers love it.

“We’ve had customers call us from all over the world asking how they could pay their pawn loan while they were out of the country. One customer called from Alaska and ended up redeeming the loan online and had his wife pick up the item in the store.” Says Goldstein. “Another customer called us from the airport and was panicked because he had forgotten about his loan and was about to leave the country for an extended period. Once we explained he could pay for the loan online he was able to relax and enjoy his trip”.

If you think there’s nothing new in the pawnbroking industry, you just haven’t checked out Empire Loan!empireloan_617_22_3