How Hard Is It To Get Cash For Gold in MA?

How Hard is it to get Cash for Gold in MA?

cash for gold maCustomers call and come into Empire Loan’s 8 locations in Massachusetts and Rhode Island and want to know how difficult it is to get cash for gold. The answer is, it’s not! You only need two things: a valid ID and something of value. That’s it. No forms to fill out. No waiting for approvals. You don’t even have to deal with cashing a check.  If you have a valid ID and something of value, you could be walking out with cash in as little as 5 minutes.


Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Walk into any Empire Loan location. (Getting cash for gold in MA is just as easy as it is in RI.)

Step 2: Show the pawn broker your merchandise and ID.

Step 3: Find out how much your merchandise is worth and agree on how much you want and what we can offer you.

Step 4: Sign the loan agreement with a description of the items and have your picture taken.

Step 5: Get your cash and go on your merry way.

That’s it! Empire Loan will lend you money based on the value of your merchandise, from gold and diamond jewelry, electronics (laptops, tablets, flat screen TV’s, smart phones, digital cameras, etc.), musical instruments, tools, anything with a solid resale value and market. Your Empire Loan pawn broker will be able to tell you how much they can offer you, even explaining how they came up with that amount. Their job is to make sure you understand how they arrived at that figure.

Before you agree to anything or sign any agreements they are always happy to explain everything to you in easy to understand terms.

How difficult is it to get the cash you need at Empire Loan? It’s not! Just like we say in our ads: It’s That Easy!

Dashing For Cash? Get Cash For Gold, Boston!

Dashing For Cash? Get Cash For Gold Boston!

Boston is in the midst of the holiday season. Presents to Cash for gold this holiday seasonbuy, parties to host and attend, travel plans to make and everything else that comes with getting ready for the winter. The one common question in all of this is: How the heck am I going to pay for it?  Let Empire Loan help you by giving you cash for gold you no longer want or need.

That’s where the mad dash to Empire Loan with your gold could be the golden ticket! Whether you have old scrap gold that is broken, crushed, knotted, loose earrings or just plain ugly pieces laying around, Empire Loan can turn it into instant cash with a loan or a buy. If you have treasured pieces; sentimental keepsakes, your favorite necklace, bracelet or ring, Empire Loan can give you a cash loan and you don’t have to sell your stuff!


How can you turn your gold into cash? Two simple options

  • Sell it. If you’ve had broken jewelry, loose earrings and bad memories sitting in your junk drawer, bring it into any of Empire Loan’s 8 locations (Boston, Providence, New Bedford, Worcester, Stoughton, Lowell or Lynn) and Empire will pay you cash on the spot. The friendly staff at Empire will test it and weigh it right in front of you and pay you cash based on the spot market price of gold at that very moment. No stress or strain, just the cash to get you through the holidays with no strings attached. That charm bracelet from the ex-boyfriend? Cash! The loose earring that you always thought you would find the match to? Cash! Broken chains, dented rings that are missing stones and anything else that is made of gold but is completely useless to you, sell it to Empire for Cash!
  • Pawn it! A pawn is a loan where you bring in your treasured valuables and get a 3 or 4 month loan based on the value of the merchandise. The whole time it’s there, Empire stores your merchandise in their secure vaults until you repay the loan and come back to get your items. It’s that simple. You bring in your chains, bracelets, earrings, even your wedding ring and Empire Loan will test it, weigh it and tell you right then and there, how much they can lend you on it. You walk out with cash, secure in the knowledge that for 30 years, Empire Loan has been lending people money based on the value of their merchandise. As a matter of fact, 90% of Empire Loan pawn customers get their valuables back. In the meantime, you’ve turned your gold into holiday cash.


Need holiday cash? Let Empire Loan show you how you can do it safely and confidently!


Empire Loan: Premier Pawn Shop in Worcester for 15 Years.

Empire Loan is the Premier Pawn Shop in Worcester

Pawn Shop In Worcester | Empire Loan

In 1985, Empire Loan opened their first pawn shop in Boston’s South End. Through 30 years of growth, Empire Loan in Worcester has been one of the true shining stars among pawn shops in Worcester celebrating their own 15 years anniversary this year.

Having moved a few years back to their new 700 Southbridge St. location in College Square Plaza just down the street from Holy Cross College, diagonally across from Rotmans Furniture  and right next door Wendy’s, Empire chose this location to be in the heart of Worcester among these other legendary institutions.

In the 15 years that Empire Loan has been open in Worcester they have grown to become a market leader among pawn shops in Worcester, having done loans on items ranging from horse saddles to a set of 24” truck tires, a Stanley Cup ring and even remote control boats and cars. “Gold and diamond jewelry is still the number one item customers sell or get loans on, but all of these other items are fun for us too” said Brian Johnstone, longtime manager of Empire Loan’s Worcester pawn shop. “We’ve done loans on the original Atari and Nintendo game systems as well as brand new iRobot vacuums and floor cleaners. You never know what’s going to walk in the door”.

What makes Empire Loan in Worcester stand out among pawn shops in the Worcester area is the customer service and professionalism of the staff. Brian has been with Empire since 1995 and Assistant Manager Julio Fundora is a 3rd generation pawn broker having grown up in the family business in Florida. They along with the rest of the staff take pride in helping customers get the cash they need and will always take the time to explain the whole process from beginning to end. One look at what customers have to say about the store and it’s clear that Empire Loan in Worcester is a shining star among pawn shops in the Worcester area.


Save Time and Shop at Providence Pawn Shops

Shop Providence Pawn Shops and Save!Get Your Holiday Gifts at Empire Loan

Wait! Before you brave the massive crowds and over hyped sales at the mall, take a trip to Empire Loan!

National jewelry store chains in big malls ramp up their advertising (and prices) on gold and diamond jewelry to lure you in for the holiday season. They promote how the items they have are unique and express your love and devotion. When you’re all done you just dropped a small fortune on a small, overpriced piece of jewelry that a thousand other people bought for their loved ones too.

Take the Providence Place mall in downtown Providence  for example where there are 9 different stores that sell jewelry. How unique can the jewelry be if nine national chains have locations in just that one mall.  A pawn shop like Empire Loan has thousands of gold, platinum silver and diamond pieces to choose from and no two are alike. Chains, bracelets, pendants, earrings and rings in every design you can imagine, is on display. One truly unique store without the headache from a pushy sales person trying to up sell you on their warranty. Empire Loan has two Providence pawn shop locations with plenty of free parking, and they both offer prices that are just a fraction of what those mall stores offer.

Don’t drive around in circles looking for a parking spot just to shop for overpriced merchandise that everybody else has. Try the new experience of getting great deals on beautiful top quality gold and diamond jewelry at Empire Loan.

Wipe The Dust Off and Get Cash For Gold

Wipe the Dust Off and Get CashCash for Gold Jewellry MA

This time of year we all could use a little extra cash for the holidays. How about diving into the corners of your own home for treasures that you can get instant cash for! Here are some of the things you may have laying around

  • The Garage or basement workshop: Most homeowners have tools they bought to get a project done that are now just sitting in a box on the shelf. Power tools like drills, circular saws and compressors are just a few of the power tools that may be taking up space that you can bring to a pawn shop to get cash. High end sets of wrenches from manufacturers like Snap On have solid resale values and can be used as collateral for a loan at a pawn shop. Look around and see what you can find!


  • Electronics: Pretty soon you’re going to be getting a new TV, digital camera, laptop or game system as a gift so why not trade in your old one for some cash? Electronics don’t necessarily hold value the way other items do but you may be able to get something for it instead of just dumping it in the trash! If you call a pawn shop like Empire Loan with the brand and model number of what you have, they may be able to make you an offer right over the phone! What do you have to lose?


  • Musical Instruments: Remember when you were going to learn to play the saxophone so you rushed out and bought one? How’d that work out for you? You used it once or twice and now you can use it one more time. This time to get cash! Guitars, trumpets, drums, keyboards, just about any kind of well made, well maintained instrument could make you some cash. How does that sound!


  • Collectables: The market for collectable figurines, crystal and other items has been in decline for quite some time. Items from companies like Lladro, Hummel and Waterford still sell for big bucks at retail but the price to collectors has been going down. If you’re tired of dusting these pieces each week and want to turn them into quick cash, a pawn shop may be just the place to take it. Better to get something for it than waiting around for the market to crash or worse yet, for your statuette to come crashing down from the shelf.


  • Gold and Diamond jewelry: What’s at the bottom of your jewelry box? What lone, loose earring, bent ring or bad boyfriend memories do you have laying around that could get you some cash. Whether it is an ugly pair of earrings from your well meaning aunt or the promise ring from the old boyfriend who broke his promise, these are the gifts that can just keep on giving. Gather it up and bring it into a pawn shop and get the cash you need right now.

Need cash for the holidays? Take a look around and get into your friendly neighborhood Empire Loan pawn shop!

What Sets Empire Loan Apart From The Competition?

What Sets Empire Loan Apart?Empire Loan the best for cash for gold

When Empire Loan opened 30 years ago in 1985, the goal set out by third generation pawn broker Michael Goldstein was to create a new kind of pawn shop, one that treated customers honestly and respectfully. Those guiding principles carried on as Empire expanded and nowhere is that more evident than in the New Bedford/Fall River area where Empire opened their second store.

When that store opened in 1989, New Bedford and Fall River pawn brokers had developed a terrible reputation for being less than honest and fair with customers. Not telling customers that they did not have to come in monthly to make payments, charging them excessive fees and interest and trying to short change them by giving them less than what they deserved. New Bedford and Fall River pawn brokers were everything Empire Loan in New Bedford was not.

At Empire Loan in New Bedford, pawn brokers take the time to explain the process to their customers and tell them ways they could even save money on their loans. The staff at Empire Loan’s Acushnet Avenue store work with customers to try and get them as much money as they can for their items, but explaining they don’t have to take the maximum amount if they don’t need it, which helps them save money.

One of the biggest differences between Empire Loan in New Bedford and other pawn shops in Fall River and New Bedford is the time they take the time to teach customers how the loan works and what the fees and charges are. Surprisingly enough, other pawn shops on the south coast don’t do that one simple thing. That’s why while the industry sees around 80% redemption rates for pawned items, Empire Loan in New Bedford sees almost 90% of their pawn loans redeemed. This means that only 1 in 10 people can’t or don’t redeem their loans and get their merchandise back.

What sets Empire Loan in New Bedford apart from other pawn shops in Fall River and New Bedford? It’s all about caring about our customers.

A Holiday Half Dozen: 6 Ways a Pawn Shop and Cash for Gold Can Help You This Holiday Season

With the holidays fast approaching, the one thing everybody needs is cash. It doesn’t matter what you use it for, Cash is King! Empire Loan’s eight New England pawn shop locations can help. Here are a half dozen ways that a pawn shop offering cash for gold like Empire Loan can help you this holiday season:

  • Redecorate! The family is coming for dinner so new carpet, curtains and even furniture can make everything look better in time for the holidays. A pawn loan could help make it a reality.
  • Holiday travel plans: It doesn’t matter if you are going away to visit family and friends or going away to avoid family and friends; airline tickets, hotel rooms, even gas and meals while you’re away all cost money. A quick loan to one of our pawn shops in New England could make it all possible.
  • Cleaning up for the holidays is always challenging. Before your in-laws arrive, you may want to consider having the carpets and upholstery professionally cleaned so they can’t complain about how dirty and messy your place is. Even bringing in a cleaning crew to do a thorough top to bottom cleaning could make everybody feel jolly!
  • Enjoy the party and let somebody else do all the work. Holidays can be stressful with all the prep work and cooking, but how about hiring somebody to at least serve and clean up. Heck, have a caterer take care of everything.  Trading in your gold for cash at Empire Loans could let you enjoy your own party.
  • Get a head start on holiday shopping. Black Friday sales and other early holiday sales specials may require ready cash. Your friendly neighborhood Empire Loan pawn shop could be the best way to make sure you can take advantage of these deals, without a credit card New Year’s hangover.
  • Great Gift Deals: Pawn shops can be an awesome place to find the best deals around throughout the holiday season. Get cash for your gold and purchase new jewelry for your loved ones. Gold & diamond jewelry is just the beginning of the savings. TV’s, game systems, laptops, musical instruments and tools are just a few of the items you may find at rock bottom prices at a pawn shop. It’s also never too early to think about layaway. Empire Loan offers free Layaway with as little as 15% down. Now that’s a deal.

Let Empire Loan help you enjoy your holidays!

cash for gold

Boston Pawn Shop Memories: Top 10 Hits from 1985

In 1985, Empire Loan opened their first Boston pawn shop on Washington St. in the South End. In those days the Orange Line rumbled by overhead and the neighborhood looked very different than it does now. When Michael Goldstein opened his doors he wanted to create a different kind of pawn shop, one with polite and professional people who would explain things to customers in an honest and open way. Now 30 years later, Empire Loan has 8 locations, including 2 pawn shops in Providence, and has helped countless customers make ends meet with fast cash loans.

Back then, the music you listened to on the ride over included this Top Ten:

Boston Pawn Shop Memories

  • Careless Whisper by Wham
  • Like a Virgin/Madonna
  • Wake Me Up Before you Go-Go/Wham
  • I Want to know What Love is/Foreigner
  • I Feel For You/Chaka Khan
  • Out Of Touch/Hall & Oates
  • Everybody Wants to Rule The World/Tears for Fears
  • Money for Nothing/Dire Straits
  • Crazy for You/Madonna
  • Take On Me/a-ha

Some things have changed but the one constant is that the staff at Empire Loan will treat you honestly and fairly, lending you more money and selling to you for less. Stop in today and see how much things have changed at our Boston pawn shop.

The Start of New England’s Leading Pawn Shop In Boston

Pawn shop in Boston, Empires first location

In 1985, Michael Goldstein, a 3rd generation pawnbroker from the New York area and recent graduate of Emerson College, decided it was time to go into the family business and open up a pawn shop in Boston. After 30 years, Empire Loan is now the leading pawn shop in New England with 8 locations in Boston, Providence, New Bedford, Worcester, Stoughton, Lowell and Lynn.

How did it get there? “After college I worked at some of the pawn shops that had been around Boston and it was very similar to my father and grandfather’s pawn shops in NY. They weren’t very nice and didn’t treat customer particularly well either. They didn’t cheat anybody but it just was not a pleasant experience for anybody” Michael said. “I decided I wanted to open a pawn shop that was different: treat customers honestly, fairly and with respect, try to have nice looking, comfortable, safe and well lit stores, everything these other pawn shops were not”.

With help and support of his family, Michael opened the first Empire Loan on Washington St. in Boston’s South End. As word spread about this “different” kind of pawn shop, Empire Loan grew, ultimately expanding to Providence in 1989, New Bedford in 1994 and Worcester in 2000. As each store opened, word spread that there was a pawn shop that was nice and looking to help people. That positive image helped as Empire opened their second location in Providence before adding stores in Stoughton, Lowell and Lynn.

Empire Loan is more than just pawn shop in Boston that is growing and trying to change the image of pawn shops. Empire Loan has always strived to support the communities where they operate, providing donations to organizations like the Boys & Girls Club, Girls Inc., Health Centers, Arts & Entertainment organizations, even the Zoo. In 2011, Goldstein created the Empire Loan Charitable Foundation which supports a wide range of programs in the communities where Empire Loan operates.

“As Empire Loan moves forward, our goal is to treat our customers with dignity and respect” Goldstein says. “Our staff tries to educate and inform customers about all of their options when they come into our stores to do business. We hope to continue that tradition and look to keep growing as a company and as part of the community”

5 Quick Tips When Getting Cash For Gold in Boston

Cash for Gold MAThe gold buying/selling rush continues! The price of gold may have come down over the past few years, but selling your unwanted gold jewelry is still a great way to get fast cash. Here at Empire Loan we specialize in Cash for Gold transactions in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

How can you make sure you get the most for your gold? Here are a five quick tips:

  • Who to sell to: Not long ago people were mailing their gold across the country to strangers or being invited to gold buying parties where Aunt Harriet’s neighbor’s son was buying gold. Kiosks popped up in malls and jewelry stores that used to sell jewelry were starting to buy it from customers. Even the gas station on the corner hung up a sign that said “We Buy Gold”. It was tough to know who to trust or if you were getting a fair price. Now that the “craze” is over, look around for a reputable, local buyer who has good standing with the Better Business Bureau and review sites like Yelp. Visit the store and talk to the proprietor. Do you feel comfortable? Do they explain the process to you? Are they transparent with you about how they appraise the jewelry or do they weigh it in their hands and throw out an offer to see what you say. In other words; Shop around for the best offer.
  • Value: The value of gold is based primarily on two factors; the karat and the weight. Gold is a soft metal so they mix it with other metals to make most jewelry. The karat is the percentage of actual pure gold in an item; 10K gold is 41.7% gold, 14K is 58.3% gold and 18K is 75% gold. Some countries have 22K and even 24K gold jewelry, but since gold is a soft metal, it is unusual. The precious metals market price of gold that financial experts talk about is actually based on pure 24K gold and fluctuates by the minute when the market is open. This means the amount you may be offered can change by the minute as well. Gold buyers use an equation where they determine what they pay based on the amount of pure gold in an item adjusted for the current market price of gold. After that it is simply how much you have and what it weighs. Most gold buyers use grams or pennyweights as a unit of measure to determine how much they will pay for an item. A reputable buyer should be willing to explain all of this to you so that you are comfortable doing business with them. If you are not comfortable with what they say, find another buyer.
  • Appraisals: A reputable gold buyer will test your jewelry with a scratch/acid test or an electronic tester. This is the only way to accurately assess what the karat of your gold is. A reputable buyer will sort your gold accordingly and base their offer on the karat of the gold. It is possible that a buyer can tell just from looking what karat it is but that is not 100%. When they examine your gold, do they make one big pile and make an offer or do they sort through it to account for the different karat. Do they actually weigh it on a certified scale or do they hold it in their hand and guess on the weight. At Empire Loan’s 8 locations, the scales are checked and certified by the state’s Department of Weights and Measures meaning it reads accurately. A reputable dealer should not be put off by you asking questions about these things, but rather answer you with confidence that they do things right.
  • Precious Stones: Gold jewelry often has precious gemstones that can factor into gold buying/selling. Colored stones often do not add value to a gold buyer because there is a limited market for the resale of colored stones. Part of this is the result of the added work that goes into determining if the colored stones are genuine. Diamonds on the other hand almost always have a cash value. While smaller and lower quality diamonds may not have much resale value, diamonds that are 1/4ct (.25pts) and higher can add value to your jewelry and ultimately to the amount a reputable dealer will pay you for your gold. A trusted buyer will try to gauge the size and quality of the diamonds in your jewelry and factor that into their offer. If a diamond is determined to be exceptional, it may prove to be worth more that the gold itself. If you have paperwork for the diamond, especially a GIA (Gemological Institute of America) report to go with it, be sure to bring that with you. A reputable buyer will use all of this to make you a fair offer.
  • The Process: Gold buyers are required by law to ask sellers for government-issued identification. This requirement helps police investigate the sale of stolen property and prevent money laundering. All reputable gold buyers comply with these rules, so if you don’t get asked to show your I.D., be warned. You should also ask how you will be paid. If you are not being paid in cash, how are you being paid.

When getting cash for gold in Boston, instead of buyer beware, it should be Seller beware.